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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No news today - Guest Post - Catherine Lacey

1. What we have here is more of the same: more floors and ceilings, more lines out the door and more press releases that let us know that more of the same is on the way.
2. Then the news will come that there is no news and we'll pocket it and wait.
3,4,5 & 6. And I'll have the thicker skin on the soles of my feet, and she'll have the same patch of grass in the same park except now the grass is thinning out, in the same way it always does.
7a. And we will all have it
7b. and have had it
7c. and then have it again.

Catherine Lacey is opening a Bed and Breakfast in Brooklyn this summer and yes, your folks should stay here when they come visit in the fall. Also she writes for a variety of outlets and is trying to sell a book. www.catherinelacey.com

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