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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No news today - Guest Post - Kyle Minor

(The Baptists Were Right, and Now I’m Dead and Everybody’s Watching the 16mm Film of My Life)

4,987,524,129 films have preceded mine.
Who knew eternity would be spent watching so many hours of sleeping?
There are not very many ways to have sex, but I have availed myself of so few of them, anyway.
The Lord is slumping so sadly in the Bemis seat.
Jaylynn perks up everytime she has a scene, like you would have expected.
The lesson of the afterlife films: Everyone’s adulthood preoccupation is the people they wanted to please who are now dead or soon will be dead.
I always worried what Mrs. Keneally would think of me when she saw me masturbating, but now I know about that thing with her and the stuffed chicken.

Kyle Minor (www.kyleminor.com) is the author of In the Devil's Territory, a collection of stories and novellas.

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