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Monday, March 21, 2011

No news today - Guest Post - Kendra Grant Malone

"No news is good news." Didn't your mother tell you that? Maybe not your mother, but her mother told her that. Mothers' mothers used to say that all the time. Back then it was true. Back then if a man walked quietly to your door with a letter it meant Jason wasn't coming home. Yeah, that was when an unexpected phone ring was something that made you stop what you were doing. That was when mothers preferred not to talk about things because what really was the point of wondering, right? Oh now, now mothers talk way too much. Now mothers are indecent as children. Blah blah menopause, blah blah OK cupid, blah blah foreclosure on your childhood home. Now we get to let the phones go to message for us to check a little later and isn't that just nice? No news today isn't a good thing anymore. Now no news really just means you've been forgotten for a little while by everyone not giving you news. Oh but god, there is one exception. No news is still good news when you've recently been to the VD clinic. Oh why did I sleep with Kevin? God dammit, why do I drink so much when I'm nervous? No- I don't remember that cab ride home and for right now it's like the past because every time I don't see CHELSEA CLINIC on my phone I feel like having a cigarette.

Kendra Grant Malone lives with her cat Delores Grant Malone. Sometimes she is a hair model. Other times she is a poet, who's first collection, Everything Is Quiet, was released by Scrambler Books in 2010. She blogs at kendralovely.blogspot.com

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