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Monday, July 11, 2011

No news today - Guest Post - Meg Pokrass

Cow Chewing

On our walk, when he asks, I say, "Sure, I like burgers sometimes." Well hell -- I do sometimes. I don't say how I think too often about why we humans like to eat cows. The fact is that I feel excited about the idea of an organically raised one-pound beef burger on a baguette with cheddar, and that he is paying. The warm, mouth-filling popping experience of protein and carbohydrates and a place to sit and rest and talk to my friend who has no news. My friend and de-caf and cow chewing -- what could be better really? That means someone is cooking for me, not hating me or mad at me at all... in fact the person cooking may be wearing an adorable look on his mouth, as though he just smooched a womanly cow instead of frying one up. If they made a scene in a movie of this cute (let's make him cute) Berkeley cook doing up a burger he may have a long, velvet smile. Movies lie. Nobody cute cooks burgers for a living, but if they made a movie about it, there would be a bottle of cheap brandy underneath the steam table, the cook obsessed with a waitress called "Fizz" and really just wanting to fuck her. Fizz would be played by an actress with a baby face and huge, fake tits. The actor playing this cook would be striking if not tall (most actors aren't) and heavy-lidded thinking about Fizz's tits while frying up my one-pound burger, his gentle eyes moving from rare to medium-rare.

Meg Pokrass is the author of "Damn Sure Right" (Press 53) a recently released debut collection of 88 flash fiction stories. Frederick Barthelme says "Meg Pokrass writes like a brain looking for a body. Wonderful, dark, unforgiving". Meg’s flash fiction, poems and animations have appeared in Gigantic, The Rumpus, Wigleaf, PANK, Smokelong, FRIGG, Big Muddy, Gargoyle, The Pedestal, Keyhole, Moon Milk Review, Annalemma, Mississippi Review, elimae, Monkeybicycle, Everyday Genius, Keyhole, 3AM, and other places. More about Meg here: http://www.megpokrass.com/

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