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Monday, May 7, 2012

No News Today - Guest Post - Sarah Rose Etter

After we left the party the house burst into flames when I woke up it was front page news a picture of the house smoldering covered in black hurt smeared in terrible blemished down to busted bad wood half the house chewed off by heat with teeth the headline said TWO DEAD AFTER PARTY FIRE then text about bodies stuffed with smoke wrapped in fire the police wheeling them under sheets out of the house where we danced where you kept me close but didn’t kiss me where that felt like it mattered but it didn’t you didn’t nothing did because flames ate through flesh red insides left the bones there were ribs exposed when the bodies came out of that house then went into the ground I knew they could have been felt they should have been us we were supposed to be devoured together never dancing again never kissing once it should have been our leftover spines under the white blankets we were supposed to be on the front page.

Sarah Rose Etter's short fiction collection, Tongue Party, was published by Caketrain Press. Her work has appeared in The Black Warrior Review, Salt Hill Journal, The Collagist and more. Find out more at www.sarahroseetter.com.

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