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KBMR was named one of 25 Important Books of the decade by HTML Giant. And was a Page One selection of New & Noteworthy Books by Poets & Writers Magazine.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No news today

What constitutes news? The question seems fluid, elusive. In some ways there was news today, in other ways perhaps not. Same goes for the last couple of days. Everything depends on context. This statement, of course, is not news to anyone.


  1. In this context, news is something you want to share?

  2. I will share news soon, Molly. I promise. Thank you for commenting/asking. You and Kathryn Regina are my only two readers here. I'll have to send you both something nice.

  3. Hooray! And probably you have more readers than us . . .

  4. news is news. and it has been a week! is there news?