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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No news today

Today there is no news. Nor was there news yesterday. Over the weekend I spent time in Michigan. Since this had been planned months ago this also does not qualify as news. What was news to me, however, were how the women of Michigan behaved. How they treated people. Not only the women of Michigan, but also, women from other parts of the country, who, like me, found themselves in Michigan over the weekend.

Perhaps this isn't news to anyone. Perhaps the people of Michigan have known this for years. Perhaps they don't spread this particular news because they want someone to come and rescue them. Or else they want others to experience it for themselves. Either way, this is why Michigan is kept in Michigan.


  1. i like how women in michigan say 'no info' instead of 'no news today.'


  2. I know it, Kathryn.You were the only civil woman in the state. Thanks for that.

  3. I was going to post a comment expressing excitement about you having written one of the 25 most important books of all time, but now I'm not so sure.

    No, wait. I'm sure. Congratulations.

  4. Andrea. Given our history, I'm not sure how to take this.

  5. I'm sure you're taking it with a grain of hysteria; however, let me assure you that my congratulations are sincere and well meaning, as were my congratulations in regard to the other news you shared with me over the weekend.

    I'm vicariously excited. For reals.

  6. You are, against all outward appearances and public perception, a sweetie. I thank you most sincerely. And I look forward to the next time we are in the same place at the same time. As long as it is not Michigan.