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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No News Today - Guest Post - Sophie Peters

Behind Kitchen Doors

They’ve got him working in his sleep. It’s 12-hour shifts everyday of the week. Server by day and shucker by night. He wakes up and sometimes cries. He often buys flowers at night to cheer himself up.

Behind closed kitchen doors, there’re never too many pots and pans to pile up. There is never a lack of uneaten desserts or broken plates. There is a waitress that would be considered unattractive if freckles were a flaw.

He goes to the back to masturbate to her, but this type of thing never gets him fired. He wants to be the boss and write poetry on her paycheck. He wants to watch her choose between chocolate cheesecake and cracked crème brulee. He wants to describe the curves of her hair and tell her his favorite books.

His eyes often tear from all the onions he’s peeled.

Sophie Peters is a recent graduate from Pratt Institute, where she got a BFA in painting. Visit her website, www.sophiapeters.com to view more work and to contact her! She also loves to do yoga and her favorite color is blue.