Kamby Bolongo Mean River named one of 25 Important Books of the 2000s by HTML Giant

KBMR was named one of 25 Important Books of the decade by HTML Giant. And was a Page One selection of New & Noteworthy Books by Poets & Writers Magazine.

Monday, March 16, 2015

No News Today - Guest Post - Edward Falco

Possum Dreams

(JAN brings dishes out from the kitchen and sets the dining room table neatly for two.  WALTER enters when she’s finished setting the table and is in the process of bringing out the makings for martinis and placing them on the counter.  He’s carrying a full book bag.)

These kids, Jan, they are totally––  These are English majors!  I’m: What universe is this?  You never heard of John Dos Passos?  Okay, you haven’t read him, fine.  Who reads Dos Passos anymore.  But you never heard of him?  (beat)  Where are the twins?

                        (carrying glasses and bottles for making drinks)
You were warned, Sweetheart.  You can’t say you weren’t warned.

(emptying several books and a laptop computer out of book bag.  He powers up the laptop and appears to be looking through files.)
I was warned . . .  What did you do today?

                        (making a martini, for Walter)
I went in to see Mrs. Weestock.

You went in to see Mrs. Weestock?

I went in to see Mrs. Weestock.

I thought we talked about this.  You can’t keep running interference for the kids.  You’ve been doing this since they were babies.  It’s got to stop, Jan.  They’re 18.  Vivian got a bad grade?  That’s it.  It’s got nothing to do with you.

(JAN brings WALTER his drink and kisses him on the cheek.  He returns the kiss dutifully.)

                        (making a drink for herself.)
I just had a little talk.  It was nothing.  I didn’t make a big deal

You didn’t make a big deal.  We talked about this.

Can we drop it, please, Walter, can we?  What about you?  How was your class?

Kid called me Wall today.


That’s what I said.  I said, Wall?

Playwright Ed Falco, the widely published author of literary fiction and poetry, is best known recently for his novel The Family Corleone, the New York Times bestselling prequel to The Godfather. The New York Times has favorably compared his short stories to the work of Raymond Carver and Andre Dubus, and The Notre Dame Review has called him "one of the most powerful short fiction writers of his generation." The recipient of the Robert Penn Warren Prize from The Southern Review, a NEA Fellowship, and two playwriting fellowships from the Virginia Commission for the Arts, Falco teaches in the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Virginia Tech. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

No News Today - Guest Post - Kassie Rubico

Day 7: Trapped at the Museum

We gathered
as four 

for the panda 
but ended 
up watching 
Tamarins run 
through trees
then under 
scratching through 

black and white fur 
scent marking 
their way 
two hundred square feet 
of tropical forest 
behind glass,
caged in a see- 

Kassie Rubico is an essayist currently working on a memoir. Her work has appeared in Insight Academic Journal, Parnassus Literary Journal, the anthology, River Muse, Tales of Lowell and the Merrimack Valley, and Toska Literary Magazine. She has been a guest columnist for the Lowell Sun and a freelance writer for Coolrunning.com. She received a Master of Arts in Creative Writing and Literature at Rivier College and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction at Pine Manor College. She teaches writing at Northern Essex Community College.