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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No news today - Guest Post - Brandon Hobson

True story. I remember a record store in metro OKC that had an overwhelming enthusiasm for a large, five-foot-by-five-foot bulletin board; it was immediately filled with fliers, photocopies, business cards, etc.,: home-based massage services, interpretive dance instructors, guitarists, amateur photographers, dog groomers, acupuncturists, tattoo artists, madrigal groups, organic gardens, exercise palestrae, recipes for gazpacho, homemade jewelry, mimes, chiropractors, nutrition specialists, Scientology enthusiasts, spirituality guides, etc. and etc., insidiously cluttered and viewed by nearly everyone who passed by. The board attracted, at some point, members of The Great Awakening, a sort of 80s, hip band that I went to see one night at Club Spit on campus corner in Norman. They played an aggressive cover of a song I immediately fell in love with, The Cult’s “Love Removal Machine.” Eight months later I saw The Cult with Billy Idol in OKC, and someone threw a beer bottle that hit Billy Idol in the head and drew blood. Idol cursed at the crowd and swore he’d never come back to Oklahoma. Sure enough he hasn’t. True story.

Brandon Hobson's fiction has appeared in NOON, New York Tyrant, Narrative Magazine, and elsewhere. His book, The Levitationist, is available at Ravenna Press.

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