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KBMR was named one of 25 Important Books of the decade by HTML Giant. And was a Page One selection of New & Noteworthy Books by Poets & Writers Magazine.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No news today - Guest Post - Lindsay Hunter

At work I listen to the old man with the pipe pouch heave his internal organs around just by breathing. The air smells like cloves muddled in anus. There’s a calendar on the wall featuring graphic images of cows at pasture, fleshy udders and green fields and lemon suns and goddamn it. A befreckled woman shrieks about hoagies and salad dressings. A man disguised as another man in disguise flexes and points his toes, writes the words “These are my new shoes” in an email to himself. Out the window I see a crow that is actually a plastic bag from the liquor store jerking and whirling, but I convince myself it is a crow before looking away. A man with a brain like a bowl of smooth Jiffy types 1,0,1,1,0 into a white document. Someone close by is quietly laughing to themselves. In the fridge a Tupperware of pasta is carbonating. The tap water is the temperature of blood. Robert, what do you do when you can’t tell if you are the only human or if you are the only non-human? There is no news today.

Lindsay Hunter lives in Chicago, where she co-hosts the flash fiction reading series, Quickies! Her collection of stories, Daddy's, is out now from featherproof books. Find her at lindsayhunter.com.