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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No news today - Guest Post - Christina Rumpf

Tramps have overrun the county. Sheep raided, horses missing. A girl is dead in the river. The widows howl like mountain cats. This town is quiet and wanting.

All day we cut and swamp and snake the trees. In summer, it is vengeful beetles or the hotel on fire. We go looking for a bride in the poor house. This one lost her teeth in a railway accident. This one wears wig of horsehair.

On Main Street a machine pumps morphine all night. We wait to see who can stand it most. The boy who wins sets his head in a barrel of water. Thought suicide. Thought to have been in love.

Christina Rumpf received her MFA in Nonfiction Creative Writing from Columbia University in 2009. She is currently at work on her first book.

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