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Monday, February 27, 2012

No news today - Guest Post - Ark Codex

Not Ark Codex 0:

It's not news that in the beginning there was no beginning—only a sea of sound. There was no language—only the sound of kumquat falling.

The sound of kumquat falling was knowing. The sound of qumkuat falling was forgetting. In the beginning there was no difference between knowing & forgetting.

If there was a sound, it forgot what it was going to say. It forgot if it forgot, if that's even possible through language, what to say. It forgot about forgetting itself, leading to the first extinction.

After eons of error, the reassembled noise took the form of a tongue. Yet there was no ear to hear the tongue. There was no cavity for to tongue, no ear to call out “dear” to all the animal near.

After another zillion eons of error, the noise formed an ear that fit the tongue. The tongue sounded to the ear but only for so long before echoing into darkness, leading to the second extinction.

( ...)

After another zillion eons, the noise formed another cavity with both a tongue & an ear & a desire to sire more of the same.

The first black sound cavity had only one hole (in the ear) for both giving & receiving (the tongue) so the hole divided by itself & the leftover parts led to the third extinction.

The cavity remains divided into two then filled one another & split again, begetting a third. The third cavity drowned out the first cavity & stuck its tongue in the second cavity's ear forming another third.

The second third drowned out the first third, but not before the first third & second created a fifth hollow body cavity to receive the noise. And the fifth formed a chord with the first & third, forming a sound beyond what each individual tongue could make.

The sound formed a wave that swept the seeded sea onto the barren land to form a tree. The third tongue sounded & split & both forked tongues sounded again in tune to form the word 'kumquat seed'.

The sound of 'kumquat seed' sounded & was swallowed by the sea to feed the noise that had divided by itself, ad infinitum. What remained led to the final extinction, but not before the kumquat seeds formed an anemone vortex in the sea to stick the tongue.

Ark Codex is a book forthcoming from Calamari Press.

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